Wondrous Words Wednesday — 11 Comments

  1. I love the word cove, and think it should be brought back into common usage. I’ve not heard flash cove as a term before. Frisson is one of those wonderful words that somehow sounds like the meaning to me.

  2. I just Google’d the term flash cove because I came across it in a book, and wondered what it meant. Imagine my surprise when you named the very book I’m reading! LOL!

  3. While currently reading “Nowhere Near Respectible”, I decided to Google ‘flash cove’ to help better explain what Mary Jo Putney was referring to. I was delighted that this blog came up on the first page of Google responses. Thanks for the interesting and useful info! Now I can read on…

    • Yay! Good to know my website is the place to be for at least one thing! The meaning of the phrase “flash cove.”

      Happy reading! Nowhere Near Respectable is a fun book!

  4. Thank you for defining Flash Cove for me. I was reading the same book and couldn’t figure it out either. When I typed in the query, yours was the first site to come up! Very helpful.

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