Book Review: Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert — 10 Comments

  1. I did read and enjoy Eat Pray Love! However I am not sure I am ready for this book in this time of my life. Having almost been married myself once and how that didn’t work out beforehand, I no longer see myself as the marrying type. So I have no idea if I would enjoy this. But maybe I should read it especially because of my past and the book could wok healing for me as well. I am not certain yet.

    • You may be right that this is not the time, while the wound is still raw. But as time passes, there may come a perfect time for this book!

  2. I debated a minute whether to read your review as I have the book but haven’t read it yet. I’m glad I went ahead because now I’m even more eager to read this book.

    I grew up believing that marriage was the natural order of life. We knew no one who was divorced until we’d been married about 15 years and then it all exploded. Now, within our world, marriage seems to be optional. Sometimes that bothers me. Overall though, society (the social order of people) seems to do what’s right in the long run. I see your’s and Gilbert’s point in the homosexual argument for marriage. It does seem ironic, doesn’t it.

  3. Oh – you should talk to Jehara about this one – she had an interesting review of this as well on her blog and discusses her thoughts on adjusting to a married life herself. For me, I love being married. We’ve been friends for so long it doesn’t feel like work at all. But I appreciate the choices we have towards it – to not have to go that route any longer to be accepted by society. Because the gay community is still excluded in many places by those same choices is frustrating and infuriating. Gay marriage has been legal in my state for many years. It hasn’t ruined my marriage yet. Silly that anyone would think it could.

  4. I tried to read Eat, Pray, Love when I was in the midst of a divorce. It infuriated me and I couldn’t finish it. Now, I’m in a stable, multiyear relationship and I’m totally conflicted about marriage. Maybe I should read this one to work through my feelings on the subject.

    • I read March last fall, before I started the blog. It was interesting and one of the reasons that I signed up for the Civil War challenge.

  5. I had the very same hesitations about EAT, PRAY, LOVE, but I loved it! It looks like I’ll need to pick up a copy of COMMITTED very soon. Thanks for the review.

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