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  1. Joy, I didn’t know you did Wondrous Words Wednesdays! I’ll come back. Good luck with the French- the same holds true for Spanish- I guess because they are both Latin based? If you are thirsty, you say, Tengo sed, which translates, “I have thirst”. There are also six conjugations for each verb, and man that formal “you” is hard to use sometimes. I hope you’ll share pictures from your trip- I enjoyed Ireland last year!

  2. Bon! Your name translates well that every one will remember you.
    I am reading Louise Penny’s mystery series and the main characters are Quebec French. There are conversational French phrases through -out. I am in love with her main detective and they talk about food a lot!
    Good lucK with the French!

    • The Louise Penny novels sound like fun — and food words are definitely at the top of the list of what I want to learn.

  3. We lived in France for 2 years and some of the most useful phrases (besides please and thank you) for me were Je voudrais, c’est le mien, je ne sais pas (the French generally shorten it to je’n sais pas or chez pas), and combien? Good luck!

  4. I loved this English-French-Spanish lesson here today. It was fun. I’m a lover of the Louise Penny mysteries too. I’ve listened to most of them on audio and it’s so neat hearing them speak French. Such a beautiful language.

  5. I’m brushing up on French for a trip this year too (June/July). May is a beautiful time to go. Have you been before? Where are you going? I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time. I love the idea of your 100 day challenge. It’s just under 100 days til we leave for our trip, perhaps I should do something similar? I was doing some French a few months ago, but then got waylaid over the holidays, I need to get back into it. Are you using CDs? They help a lot.

    • This is my first trip to France — I’m really looking forward to it. We’re taking a garden tour in the Loire Valley then tacking four days on at the end in Paris. I’ve got a bunch of CDs and DVDs and books from the library. I suspect I would get farther if I committed to one of them.

      Where are you going?

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