Exegesis #WondrousWordsWednesday — 7 Comments

  1. Great WWW entry, and it sounds like an interesting book that you got it from. Thanks for this thorough explanation. I can’t imagine ever using exegesis – I think I’d lose people.

  2. Exegesis isn’t new to me in that I also know how to pronounce it. It’s not a part of my vocabulary although I understand it’s meaning. I like the way you used it in your second to last paragraph.

    I am totally with you in your last paragraph.

  3. This is a new word for me and I am off to the online dictionary to learn the pronunciation. Your current study of Twelve Steps of a Compassionate Life interests me. I hope you find the answers you seek.

  4. Thanks for stopping in at Cranberry Morning. I actually am quite familiar with the term ‘exegesis’ because theology is one of my favorite subjects and R.C. Sproul and N.T Wright are among my favorite authors.

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