Beautiful Blogger Award — 4 Comments

  1. Joy!

    This is so cool. I knew about the purple, not about the peony and the cat thing, we share the allergy in common. We also share the journaling thing in common, although more lately, I think I’ve taken to putting my thoughts in my poetry, essays, or book reviews. Maybe I should go back to handwriting?

    TFB (Antona)

  2. How I wish I had kept a journal since 1986 — what a treasure trove of memories and writing possibilities!

    We have caught the wanderlust bug as well. I am leading another student group to Europe in March, 2017 and then my husband and I hope to take a two week tour of Italy that fall. There are some perks to growing older and retirement.

  3. How lovely, Joy, thanks for responding so quickly. You are the first.

    It was interesting to read your comments. I like your idea of just saying feel yourself nominated and will check out everyone who does take you up on this.

    Anyway, I didn’t mention my favourite flower in my post but – can you guess – it’s the peony. I even found a friend on Facebook once because I had posted a picture of the peony as my profile.

    And I always thought I was the “master of lists” but I think you are better than me. At least more organized. 😉

    Have a happy day where you hopefully find a great new book to blog about.

    Marianne from
    Let’s Read

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