Book Review: Do I Look Fat in This? by Rhonda Britten — 4 Comments

  1. I may have to get the second book from the library myself. While I am about 50 pounds heavier than I was twenty years ago, I am far fitter and healthier now. I can power through an hour of karate and follow it up with an hour of sparring class. I have muscle mass I’m proud of. Paying attention to what I eat is my current challenge, I’m tracking it in SparkPeople’s website and have dropped 9 pounds since late March.

    I’ve never been the build to compete in the prettiness stakes with the traditional stick-thin models, but I’m coming to prefer having the muuscle and training to take care of myself over starving myself to fit into the tiny clothes. The first time I managed to kick over the 100-150 pound punching bag in one strike was a good moment.

    And finding jeans that fit is always a problem! I am definitely curvy, and also too short for regular clothes yet too tall for petites.

    • Strong is the new skinny!

      Let me know if you want an introduction to my lady at Nordstrom’s — she’s good.

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