Book Review: A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson — 5 Comments

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  2. How cool that A Walk in the Woods inspired you to get back to walking! I love reading everyone’s posts; each blogger focused on a different aspect of the book, and I think it’s interesting to see what each person noticed. I’m really happy you joined me for this one — thanks!

  3. I did read it and thoroughly enjoyed it. It doesn’t bother me that he was unprepared for the reality of the hike – what I enjoy most about his books, besides the arcane trivia, are his misadventures. He is almost always in over his head and finding himself in absolutely absurd situations as a result. I love to walk, though I prefer what I euphemistically call “urban hiking.” I love walking through interesting neighborhoods. That was one of the best things about living in University City – there were safe routes where I could just start walking and go for miles and miles. I used to walk to the Galleria pretty often, a round trip of 8 miles or so. But while I am a fan of nature in general, I prefer to admire it from afar. I’m really not into bugs or wild animals or being far from medical help should there be a mishap. And sleeping on the ground sounds awful. So no, I have NO desire to hike the A.T., even though I did enjoy this book and can totally see the appeal of such an adventure for outdoorsy people.

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