Hi! My name is Joy Weese Moll. I love computers and libraries. This is my blog about books. I read for pleasure and for information, so there is a wide variety of books covered in my posts. Here are some of the topics I cover repeatedly:

Healthy Lifestyles. I read diet books, exercise books, healthy cookbooks, diet memoirs, and anything else that helps me stay focused on my healthy lifestyle. It works. I’ve lost over 70 pounds and have declared myself at goal weight. I’m continuing to read these books as I figure out what it means to be in maintenance.

Race in America. I belong to a Diversity Book Club. I described it most fully here: First BAND post: Favorite Nonfiction. For the last two years, I’ve put our book lists up on the blog, so if you’re looking for great books on this topic, these would be a good starting place:

English History. This is a fairly new fascination. We’re talking about a trip to England, so I’ve been ramping up my reading on this topic. I’ve always liked English history but I have never felt quite as focused as I am now.

Writing. I’ve been reading more books about writing and about building an author’s platform for selling a book. I’m not going to jinx my progress by describing exactly why I’m reading these sorts of books, but I’ll bet you can guess.

Fiction. I read a lot of fiction, but don’t find as much to talk about as I do the nonfiction. So, often, the fiction gets a kind of mini-review in my It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? meme posts. My favorite genres are romance, urban fantasy, mystery, YA, and mainstream.

Speaking of memes, here are the ones I normally participate in:

  • It’s Monday! What Are You Reading. This meme is hosted by Book Journey and often draws a hundred or more participants.
  • Readers’ Workouts. This is the Tuesday meme that I host to support bookish people in our fitness pursuits.
  • Wondrous Words Wednesday. A meme about new words we find in our reading hosted at BermudaOnion’s Weblog.
  • Wordless Wednesday. When I don’t have words on Wednesdays, I try to have a picture. This is not a meme that’s particular to book bloggers and it attracts a big crowd.
  • Weekend Cooking. Often, my healthy lifestyle books will show up on Saturdays and are linked to Weekend Cooking at Beth Fish Reads.
  • Saturday Snapshots. When I have lots of pictures, like after our Ireland trip, I throw some up on Saturdays, too. Alyce of At Home with Books hosts our Saturday Snapshots.

Stick around! Subscribe to my blog using the RSS feed or the email subscription in the sidebar to see each update. Leave a comment on one of my posts so that I know you are here. Thanks!

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Updated: September 30, 2012