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  1. I have now missed so much great stuff that I will never, ever catch up. I would really like to see this though. Jane Eyre being one of my all-time favorite books…but I’m also a big Anne fan. Wuthering Heights, OTOH, is not really my cup of tea.

    • I think it was you, Joy, who asked if I’d heard about a new theory from a historian about whether the Anglo-Saxons actually existed. I listened to the podcast and I was very frustrated by her theory. I see her point to an extent. But OTOH, of course they didn’t call themselves Anglo-Saxons, any more than early American colonists called themselves ‘early American colonists.’ And to my mind, the biggest problem with her ideas is the language — which she just sort of says, ‘yeah, that’s a problem, but I don’t know anything about language, maybe it was A, B, or C’ and, well, I’m no language historian, but even I knew her reasoning was utter nonsense. I can rant some more if you want but that would be boring 🙂

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