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Welcome to Readers’ Workouts, the weekly event where book lovers share workout stories, goals, successes, and challenges.

Seems like everyone’s complaining about allergy season in St. Louis this year. I feel like it’s a balancing act to get enough exercise to feel healthy but not be outside so much that I feel sick! With some big days last week, before the ash and oak started getting promiscuous, I’m still ahead of the game to be on track for 1200 minutes this month.

How are you doing with exercise? Share a link to a workout blog post in the list below or share a story in the comments.


Hayfever Season #ReadersWorkouts — 3 Comments

  1. My car has been covered in pollen the last few days, and we live at the edge of Withlacoochee State Forest and there’s been a forest fire which has spread to just a few miles north of us. Hopefully it won’t get as close as one did before, it came so close we were evacuated and I thought our house was going to burn down.

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