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Welcome to Readers’ Workouts, the weekly event where book lovers share workout stories, goals, successes, and challenges.

Last week, I needed a big day to meet my goal of 1200 minutes in January — and, I did it! I walked 75 minutes and stretched for 15 minutes, giving me the 90 that I needed to reach my goal.

For February, I decided to go with 1200 minutes again, even though it’s a shorter month. I’m hoping some nice weather days will help me with some longer walks. Today will be one of those, but, tomorrow, we may have snow!

In January, I tried a goal of “strength-training or stretching every day.” That worked most of the month but I broke my streak on the 22nd and that killed my motivation for the rest of the month. So, for February, I’m going to try a goal of “strength-training or stretching for at least 20 days.” We’ll see if that works better for me.

How is your exercise going?


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  2. I saw a tip somewhere about using an app for motivation, so I’ve been using Coach.Me to get me to exercise daily and go to the gym at least three times a week. (Also to get to work early, but that’s beside the point for Readers’ Workouts!) I joined an early-morning YogaFit class in January and had a streak of not missing any classes (3x/week) until yesterday which was the day after a big snowstorm. Now I hope that doesn’t make me lose my motivation! I don’t think so, because once I realized that I really could get myself up and out to a 7 a.m. class even on the days I had to be to work at 9, I really like how energized I feel the rest of the day! I always have #ReadersWorkouts in mind, even I don’t blog about it, and I credit you as inspiration, so thank you for hosting this link-up!

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