Book: Paris Runaway by Paulita Kincer
Genre: Novel
Publisher: Oblique Presse
Publication date: 2016
Pages: 258

Source: e-book provided by the author

Paris Runaway by Paulita Kincer

Do you dream of running away to Paris? This book satisfied my desire for adventure.

Summary: Sadie unexpectedly experiences a very empty nest after her husband leaves her, her oldest daughter stays at college, and her youngest daughter elects to visit her father on the first day of summer “to get this over with.” Only, it turns out, Scarlett doesn’t make it to her dad’s house and never intended to go there. Instead, days later, Sadie discovers that her 17-year-old daughter flew to France chasing a boy. Sadie scurries after only to find that both Scarlett and the boy are missing from Paris. Sadie teams up with the boy’s father, the handsome and oh-so-French, Auguste, to track down their missing children who may have taken up with an unsavory gang, voluntarily or not.

Thoughts: I’m not a parent so Paris Runaway, for me, was a fun excuse for a fantasy romp to France. I imagine parents might view this a little differently. If your kids are doing reasonably well, this book will hold the relief of “at least my child didn’t get into trouble in a foreign country.” If there’s trouble in your household, this book has the potential for comfort — as in, misery loves company.

Appeal: For France lovers!

photo of Eiffel tower with words Dreaming of FranceThe author of Paris Runaway is also the host of the Monday meme, Dreaming of France. Join us for a variety of posts about all things French.

Have you read this book? What did you think?

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  1. Joy, Thanks so much for reading and reviewing my novel. I hope Paris and the romance made up for the whole trouble with the teenager thing. And, yes, as a parent, I have said, “At least my kid isn’t addicted to heroin.” We have friends who are dealing with this, but we hoped to set the bar a little higher.
    Thanks for playing along too on this lonely last Monday of August.

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