Mini Bloggiesta Summer 2015The Summer 2015 Mini Bloggiesta is this weekend! Check out the sign-up post for details about this terrific event for sprucing up our blogs in the company of others.

About six weeks ago, I panicked when I realized that my blog didn’t pass this mobile-friendly test at Google. The rumor at the time was that if my site didn’t pass the test, Google would no longer visit my blog and my analytics would plummet. I see from this information page that was slightly overblown and never applied to any searches except those done on mobile devices. In my distress, I changed templates which was enough to pass the test. But, now, my site looks funny.

Here’s what I want to fix during Bloggiesta:

  • Add Social Media icons to the sidebar
  • See if other items went missing from my sidebar that I want back
  • Change the green to something more compatible with the look of my site
  • Figure out how to make the Challenges page look good now that the behavior of the horizontal rule tag has changed

I won’t have much time to work on Saturday, so that’s probably a long enough list since I’ll mostly be working on it on Sunday.

Will you be joining us for Bloggiesta this weekend?



Why I Need Bloggiesta — 9 Comments

  1. I hadn’t heard about that test, but my blog passed! That’s good, because I’m focusing mostly on non-tech stuff this weekend for Mini Bloggiesta. (I usually end up fiddling around so much with blog stuff that I never write any posts, which is what I really need to do!)

  2. I was actually shocked to find out mine was mobile ready. I was positive it wasn’t but then I realized it wasn’t as bad as what everyone was making it out to be.

    I have the UBB plugin so adding socials was rather easy but before that it took me a while to figure it out.

    Good Luck with all your goals!

  3. I was not aware of the mobile-friendly test, but thanks to you I now know that I passed 🙂

    While I know my blog needs work, I really need to spend time this weekend developing a schedule for a consistent blogging routine, which I hope to implement July 1.

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