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Welcome to Readers’ Workouts, the weekly event where book lovers share workout stories, goals, successes, and challenges.

I met one of my goals already this month! I hardly ever meet my goals more than a day or two ahead of time, but yard work helped throw me over the top of my goal to do some form of strength-training eight times in May. I’ll try to get in another one or two sessions this week. I’m still aiming for four more days with at least 8000 steps and 250 more minutes of exercise (an average just over 40 minutes a day). That all sounds doable!

Don’t miss the book review of Spark by John J. Ratey that Isi posted last week about exercise and the brain — very motivating!

How is your exercise this month?

For Readers’ Workouts, talk about your fitness activities on your blog (feel free to grab the logo) and link to your post below or join us in the comments! Be sure to visit the other participants to see how we all did.


Readers’ Workouts — May 26 — 4 Comments

  1. I got myself back on track in a way this month. I had some really good days and some really low days, but I think everything pretty much averaged out for the month step count wise.

  2. We went to Toronto this weekend, walked over 5 miles every day and ate whatever we liked, no weight gain when I got home.

    Still working on the daily stair climb twice a day, it’s getting less hard.

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