Bloggiesta Spring 2015Belle Wong, aka Ms. Bookish, provided Bloggiesta with a mini-challenge to create a treasure trove of blog post ideas. Check out the prize she’s offering — gorgeous art cards!

I tried three of her methods and came up with more than the dozen ideas required to meet the challenge. Here are my best 12 and the methods I used to produce them.


  • A weekly pictorial report about my vegetable garden this growing season
  • A favorite quote made as an illustration
  • A description of my current writing process
  • A round-up of books about the code-breaking during World War II in England

Feed Inspiration

  • My favorite souvenirs (after books) — scarves!
  • My best books bought abroad (plus ones that weren’t worth the weight)
  • My cancer survival story
  • A round-up of books about drawing for adults

Blog Topic Generator

(I used these for inspiration and changed the suggestions to suit my topics better)

  • 15 Best blogs to follow about sketchnoting
  • Why I love visual note taking (and you should, too!)
  • How to solve the biggest problems — by reading book
  • 5 Tools every reader should be using

So, what do you think? Are any of these posts that you want to see?


My Treasure Trove of Blog Post Ideas #Bloggiesta — 9 Comments

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  2. Great article, excellent post ideas, I can’t choose! There’d be a very good chance I’d stay and read any of them. So, forcing a choice, one from each method I’d maybe say : the books about WW2 code-breaking; the favourite souvenirs then either idea re: sketch-noting / visual notes. Best wishes 🙂

  3. This is a great group of lists! I love that it’s so diverse, which is the point of this, but still. My list is pretty much book related. I’m going to add more about me to it now. Thanks, Joy!

    PS I would love to see the 5 tools for readers and the book quote sketches 🙂

  4. These are all great ideas, Joy, I especially like the one about the WWII code breaking. I love the Bletchley show on PBS. Have you read anything about the American Navajo “code talkers”?
    For my own cancer journey, I did a page so it is a tab at the top of my blog. I think I want to edit it, though. It is too long.

  5. Oh I love the gardening idea, add some tips please for those of us who definitely don’t have green thumbs but want a little garden! I have recently become obsessed with scarves and would love to see yours. You definitely stock piled a treasure trove of ideas!

  6. I’d be interested in the code-breaking books and your best (and worst) books bought abroad. And I’d be interested to learn more about visual note-taking. As for your cancer survival story – I think how much and when you share that (or not) should be entirely up to you. . . but congratulations and I am so glad for you!

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