Spring Forward #ReadersWorkouts — 7 Comments

  1. Yes, here spring came this weekend too!
    I’m starting a new running routine in order to run 10 km in 3 months. Let’s see if I get it.

  2. Very good! We had the feeling of spring yesterday here in Mass., when it was sunny and in the mid-40s after a long spell of deep freeze. Today and tomorrow are supposed to be even warmer. It really does make a difference in my attitude towards going to the gym!

  3. I actually have a picture in one of my blog posts this week with signs of spring. I needed the picture to remind myself that spring is coming.

  4. My instructor put me through my paces last night, we have a final practice session tomorrow and I’m testing for 1st degree brown belt on Thursday afternoon.

    Friday I plan to leave the alarm off and claim the morning as sick/recovery time, the test will be an hour and a half of full effort, speed, and power.

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