A Month of FavoritesIt’s December! I almost forgot to start the “A Month of Favorites” posts today. This event is being run by Girlxoxo, Traveling with T and Estella’s Revenge. I thought it would be a great way to get back into blogging after NaNoWriMo. I won, by the way!

A Month of Favorites features a new topic each weekday. Today’s is to take a look back at my reading year. I’m a little behind on entering things into Goodreads, so I don’t have stats at hand, but I can answer a few of the sample questions without that.

Most-read genre: I set a goal to read at least 20 books about England this year, I’m somewhere in the upper 20s, now — so I smashed that one to pieces. It was fun to read lots of genres in that pursuit: travel, history, biography, and many flavors of fiction.

Most-read author: Gail Carriger. I started with the YA Finishing School series and I’m nearly through the Parasol Protectorate series for adults. These were mostly set in England and made a humorous break from some of the more serious books I read this year.

Where I read: the table in the sunroom where I eat my lunch and snacks, the bathtub, and almost anywhere on my phone

Queensberry Hotel garden

Relaxing in the garden

How many books I read at once: Three — one in each of the locations above

Print, ebook, audiobook?: Print in the first two locations and an ebook on my phone. I still can’t get myself to listen to audiobooks — instead, I listen to podcasts (often about books) from the BBC and NPR.

The best place I read this year: In the garden behind the Queensberry Hotel in Bath, England.

Enough about me. How was your Reading Year 2014?


My Year of England Books — 3 Comments

  1. I can’t do audios either 🙂 I tried this year for the first time b/c I was training for a half marathon and figured it was a good way to pass the time running. But, I found I couldn’t concentrate well and had trouble writing the reviews. So, I’m officially “retired” from reviewing audiobooks…and most likely from running half marathons as well!

  2. I sometimes think the theme of my entire adult reading life is (unintentionally) reading about England. I have yet to actually read while there though but that is my goal for the next year or two. 🙂

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