Paris in July 2014Happy Bastille Day! I’m celebrating with a guest post at Library Educated. Wesley is hosting All Lady July and she let me take over today to write about Karen Karbo’s Kick Ass Women series. Two of the women she wrote about, Coco Chanel and Julia Child, spent many years in Paris.

I’m looking forward to linking up, finally, to Paris in July. See the reading section, below, for another future Paris post.


Pies and Peril by Janel Gradowski

A fun cozy mystery with descriptions of amazing baked goods and other foods

I finished and reviewed Pies and Peril by Janel Gradowski — a fun post for Weekend Cooking!

I’m pretty much done with two travel guide books (does anyone ever really finish a travel guide book?). I expect to write about guide books to England on Friday for British Isles Friday.


London by Edward Rutherfurd

It’s 1597. My timeline on the wall starts in 1599 with Shakespeare’s Globe theater, so I’m about to get into a more familiar part of history.

I read some chapters of Benjamin Franklin: An American Life by Walter Isaacson over the 4th of July weekend and wrote about Benjamin Franklin in London last week, including the ways we might follow in his footsteps. I’d like to read the Paris chapters, too, for a post for Paris in July. By the time I’ve read all that, I might just go ahead and finish the book!

I am still readingĀ London by Edward Rutherfurd — I’m up to 1597, and that means Shakespeare!

We have book club this week, so I’m reading our July selection: Some of My Best Friends are Black by Tanner Colby. As you can tell from the title, there’s some humor. That, and the anecdotes make it very readable. I’m learning a lot about segregation and integration, surprised by how well we managed the former and how badly we managed the latter and how much both outcomes are related to the potential for profit. We should have a great discussion!

Will Read

I haven’t got a book on my phone right now that I’m reading. I need to correct that. I think it’s time to get back to Gail Carriger. I finished Blameless, so it’s time for Heartless.

What are you reading?

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  1. Your reading this week sounds very brave, though, if you are going slow enough and pacing yourself with light stuff in between I undertand wanting to read the deep stuff, too.

  2. Arghh I had good intentions of participating in Paris in July but I’ve been a little distracted with my new granddaughter lol. Have a great week and enjoy Heartless … another series I’ve been meaning to start on.

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