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I hope the USians among us had a happy Independence Day. I had to scramble to get exercise in, but managed a walk after the family picnic and before the neighbors got carried away with their fireworks. I’m right on track to meet my goal of 1400 minutes in July and less than two weeks away from exercising every day for a year.

How are you doing with your exercise right now?

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Freedom to Move #ReadersWorkouts — 4 Comments

  1. I have not been doing very good – eating junk, not exercising. And I don’t think this week will be much better, although I am going to make an effort to eat better. Eating too much junk just makes me feel miserable.

    • Yeah. Me, too. And, yet, sometimes it’s so hard to stop. I really believe, for me, there’s an addictive element to it. I use Cognitive Behavior Techniques, design habits and structures that help, and work hard to keep my environment clean. And, I still get tripped up, sometimes!

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