Garden Tour for #WeekendCooking — 15 Comments

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  2. That is a beautiful working garden! I’ve never been on a garden tour, but I’m curious now. I know there’s one in my parents’ neighborhood (and my dad could probably get involved at this point – he spends 8+ hours a day outdoors!).

  3. Raised beds gardens are every where. And chickens, oh my! Goats are the new thing too. In Portland OR city limits you can have up to 5 chickens,no rooster and 3 goats. People are finding that goats will eat just about anything including laundry and shoes! It is making for interesting stories.

  4. Wonderful images or what Im sure is a deliciously productive garden. The chicken coop is fit for a queen – I could see myself bunking down in there! I love visiting gardens, but i dont have enough in my area that open for visitors – and then again, any spare time I have I should be in my own garden. Thanks for sharing this.

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