Readers’ Workouts — December 3

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I exercised 55 minutes for  five days in a row to meet my my goal of 1400 minutes in November. For December, I’m going for 1400 minutes again. And, I’m still continuing my streak of daily exercise. With today’s walk and strength-training, my streak is up to 136 days in a row.

How is your exercise going? Do you have goals for December?

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5 Responses to Readers’ Workouts — December 3

  1. Ali says:

    Had a great sparring class last night! Instructors are saying I fight well, at some point I might believe it. This week is a 4 hour karate week to make up for the week I was ill.

    • Joy Weese Moll / @joyweesemoll says:

      Yay! 4 hours sounds like a lot, but a fun way to get revved up again after illness and NaNoWriMo.

  2. Welp I’m going to work pretty hard to start a yoga habit in December, since it’s too cold to do much else.

    136 days in a row is awesome! Keep it up, although, I’m sure with a streak like that, you will.

  3. mpartyka says:

    Great job on 136 days! I love the feeling that a streak is long enough to make you think twice (have the sniffles, take a walk) HA!

    I’m packing in the mileage this week… to meet my 100 mile goal for December. I will be traveling for two weeks this month and I’m not sure how much walking/running I will get in. Maybe I can pace on moving trains?

    Have an amazing week!

  4. Fiona says:

    Well done on your streak. I can’t imagine exercising every day.

    I managed to run a PB tonight – so rather pleased with myself.

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