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I got busy with other things, but I’m still walking every day with my husband so that’s proved to be very helpful. I’ve done at least some form of exercise every day this month — that’s always motivating! I’m a little behind on reaching a goal of 1500 minutes in August, but there’s still a lot of August left to catch up.

How are your workouts? Answer on your blog (feel free to grab the logo) and link to your post below or join us in the comments! Be sure to visit the other participants to see how we all did.


Readers’ Workouts — August 13 — 4 Comments

  1. I was given a fitbit at work, and it’s interesting how much I walk without paying much attention to it, about 5000-6000 steps a day. I was mostly interested in the thing to track my sleep and I think I need to go to bed earlier.

    Karate group class and sparring last night was my regular Monday night 2 hour workout, I was the only non-instructor paired with the ten year old girl to teach her.

    • I keep hearing about the fitbit. I’ve had a pedometer in the past and only find it somewhat useful. But if the fitbit is better and helps with sleep, too, that might be something I’d use.

      Cool that you’re trusted with the young student!

  2. I’m a day late on this one because I started writing the post but then didn’t feel very well (due to the weather) and I had to choose–exercise or write. I chose exercise. But I was able to write the rest of the post today so it’s up and out there now.

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