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I completed my February goal of 1300 minutes of exercise and I’m off to a good start for a March goal of 1400 minutes of exercise. Since it’s March I’m going to try doubling my distance of High Intensity Interval Training on the treadmill — 2K of HIIT in the middle of a 4K workout. We’ll see how that goes.

Are you trying anything new for March? Answer on your blog (feel free to grab the logo) and link to your post below or join us in the comments! Be sure to visit the other participants to see how we all did.


Readers’ Workouts — March 5 — 9 Comments

  1. Great job with HITS, I’m glad it’s working for you.

    40 miles a week (my March goal) is proving to be tricky. Next week DST kicks in and I will be able to run/walk at night.

    As always, thanks for putting this together!

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    • 1300 minutes — it’s about 45 minutes a day with February as a short month. I worked up from much less than that over time. At one point, when I was actively losing weight, I got it up to about an hour a day. I’ve had amazing results — especially that I was able to get off my blood pressure medication.

  3. I’m back to exercising regularly! I’m not doing minutes per month, but aiming for minutes per week – would like to get in 160 minutes a week. After all those weeks of doing the 20 Minute Shred, I decided to design my own workout using low-impact cardio moves and a variety of strength core exercises so I can do a 30 to 40 minute workout each time, and a friend and I are going to check out a dance fitness place later this week, so hopefully I’ll meet my weekly goal all this month.

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