Bloggiesta buttonYay! It’s time for Bloggiesta! Bloggiesta is a three-day party for making our blogs (and on-line life) prettier and more functional. There’s still time to join us! The starting line posts are here: Bloggiesta September 2012: Starting Line.

I loved seeing all the Bloggiesta starting posts in my feed reader this morning. First on my list: go leave some cheering comments on other blogger’s starting lines. Fortunately, there’s a mini-challenge for that: Bloggiesta Mini Challenge: Bring the Hits: Building a blog audience.

After that, I’m going to start with a list of things I want to do to follow up last night’s Diversity Book Club meeting. It was our annual potluck and selection meeting and it was so much fun! We have a great list of books that I’m really looking forward to reading. Here’s what I’d like to get done in the next few days:

  • DONE Return the meeting room key and schedule the space for next year.
  • DONE Meet with the librarian to set up meeting dates for the next year and to discuss possibilities for an African American Read-In sponsored by our group and the library. Also, find out who I need to talk to for getting the books we selected purchased by the library.
  • WAITING Form a committee for planning our African American Read-In and set up a research and brainstorming meeting.
  • E-mail the schedule of books to our participants
  • WAITING Recruit someone to lead the discussion for the one book that hasn’t been claimed.
  • Set up a plan for publicizing the meetings for the next year.
  • DONE Write a blog post with the books we selected and the long list of books we discussed. (It’s here: Diversity Book Club book lists)

Okay, on to the more conventional Bloggiesta items. I’d like to do every single one of the current mini-challenges, but I’ll start with these:

Here are the flash-back challenges that I still want to get to:

Finally, there are some other things I want to do that don’t quite have a matching challenge, but do have some resources by bloggers to help me out.

There’s more. But it’s on scraps of paper and I don’t want to look at them just yet. So, “look at the scraps of paper and figure out what I need to do” is also on the list. Or maybe, that should be “put the things on scrap paper into Evernote so that next time I’ll see them when I’m making a Bloggiesta post.”

Here’s to a happy and productive Bloggiesta!

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Bloggiesta Starting Line — 4 Comments

  1. The mini-challenges are so helpful! And I’ve found myself either recommending or using several of the flashback challenges this time around, too. The wealth of information out there is fantastic!

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