Book Review: The Color of Tea by Hannah Tunnicliffe — 21 Comments

  1. Now I’m wondering if Wegman’s bakery has macaroons. I’m not saying I’m buying, but I’m definitely taking a look! I too can’t stand it when I read about women whose lives are empty because they can’t get pregnant — (1) children do not define the woman and (2) there are other ways to have children in your life.

  2. I’m glad I’ not the only one with a problem with characters who get all “My life is over!!!!!” if they don’t have kids. I’m happily childless too so I just can’t relate and have given up on many books because I just want to slap characters.

  3. Macarons are the perfect treat to go with tea 🙂 Too bad that the protagonist of the book took such a long time to move on with her life. Other than that, I can imagine you craving macarons!

  4. Ah yes! Macarons! Tricky to bake, not as easy to find. We’re swamped with cupcake shoppes here, but few macaron places. I love them — so light with delicate flavors, and such pretty colors. Great review, appreciate your candor — thank goodness Grace is saved by macarons!

  5. I’ve seen this book mentioned on other blogs, and I have to say I’m intrigued by the descriptions of food and running a cafe. And, like you, I have no problem with a happy ending. I’ll probably pick this up the next time I’m at a bookstore. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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