Bloggiesta To Do List

Bloggiesta buttonI’m so excited about Bloggiesta this year that I signed up to host a challenge. I think I’ll keep it a surprise, for now, but it’s going to be very visual and very fun! Can’t wait!

In the meantime, I’ve been working on a to do list for that weekend, March 30 through April 1:

  • Figure out how to do those linky list things so that I can take over hosting CHECKPoint, the weekly exercise check-in started by Mari at Bookworm with a View. Another project I’m really looking forward to!
  • Set up a Feedburner feed. And, start begging everyone to switch to it.
  • Set up Google Analytics.
  • Put a photo of me on my blog.
  • Draft upcoming posts.
  • Monitor the #bloggiesta hash tag on Twitter.
  • Participate in as many challenges as I can.

There’s still time to sign up for Bloggiesta, Bloggiesta Participants: Sign Up Here!, if you have similar chores for your blog. This event is hosted by book bloggers, but no one is going to check your ID! Sign up no matter what kind of blog you write.

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4 Responses to Bloggiesta To Do List

  1. Vasilly says:

    I like your list. Google Analytics is something that I need to do too. Good luck on your goals.

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  3. It looks like you are moving right along on your list! I still don’t understand Feedburner — I may look into adding that to my blog as well.

  4. Have you done Feedburner yet? I took GFC off my blog months and months ago, lol. Let me know who it goes.

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