If all goes as planned, I’m giving a presentation today at the Missouri Library Association Conference called “The World of Book Blogs.” Any handout I would design for this would consist of a list of websites. So, I’m saving the paper and increasing the convenience by creating a virtual handout with active links to the websites.

Examples of Challenges

A good source for finding challenges and other events is A Novel Challenge.

Examples of Events


Find more events and memes at BBAW’s Book Blogging Events.

Edited to add: in the comments, Alex pointed me to another great resource site for finding regular events in the book blogging world, A Social Blogger’s Guide to the Book Blogosphere at Sniffly Kitty’s Mostly Books.

Gathering Places

Blogs We Like

Updated October 8, 2011.

We had two book bloggers in the room. Here are their blogs:

Here are the blogs and other sites we threw out at the end of the talk, sites where we like to read about books. Thanks to Lucy Lockley for taking notes. Let me know if we missed any.

I’m working on a small project to make a page with a list of Missouri Book Bloggers — and who knows what wonderful things we might do when we’re gathered together in that way. So if you have a book blog or start one, please let me know.

Edited, March 1, 2012. For some reason, this post draws spam comments. I’m closing the comments for now, but if you wish to make a comment, send me email and I’ll open them up for you.


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    • Thanks Alex! I saw this in time to add it to my talk. I’ll add to the list when I’m back at my computer.