logo for CPD23Prezi, an alternative presentation format to PowerPoint, is my next exploration for 23 Things for Professional DevelopmentThing 17: The Medium is the Message- Prezi and Slideshare. I first heard of Prezi several months ago from friends who thought of me when they first saw a Prezi because I always put my speaking notes in the form of a mind map. My presentation style and Prezi were the perfect match.

I hadn’t played with Prezi though until the wonderful coalescence in time of Thing 17 and a presentation that I’m giving this week at the Missouri Library Association conference on book blogs.

I have a favor to ask anyone reading this. Would you proof read my Prezi? Prezi doesn’t have spell check! If you hover over the “More,” you will see a full screen option — it looks much better in full screen.

My Prezi isn’t complete without my talk, but I’m intrigued by the ones that are complete with no one speaking. This one was one of the examples cited on the Thing 17 post: The Ultimate Guide to Prezi at thewikiman. What would you think of a Prezi book review?


Thing 17: Prezi — 5 Comments

  1. Great Prezi! 🙂

    I couldn’t spot any errors – the one thing I might suggest (though this might not be necessary with the added explanation you’ll give at the presentation) is the size of the screenshots are very small and you can’t really tell what they are.

  2. What she said. The talk will complete it. Going through it myself the first time, I wondered why it stopped at “WORLD” but you will be driving, so it will stop only as long as you want to talk about it. And, I could only read the headings of the screenshots and when I clicked on them I expected it to expand them.

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